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Garden Hotel**** Wellness and Conference Hotel is located 100 km from Budapest, in the nature reserve are of Tiszaliget, in the green suburbs of the city of Szolnok. The hotel has 62 elegant room. Garden Hotel **** Wellness and Conference is the ideal location for professional conferences, training days and business meetings. Our... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
Single room privat (1 persons)
164.40 €
Double bed apartment (2 persons, 1 double bed)
258.25 €
Double room private (2 persons)
221.36 €
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HOZAM HOTEL the first four-star hotel in Szolnok opened in 1999. The Hotel is located in a shady, quiet street near the city centre. We have four apartements, four single-rooms and three double-rooms. All of the rooms are air-conditioned. The Hotel has four floors and a basement. The floors are named after the seasons. The name of the... More...

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The Tisza Hotel and Spa in the Tisza River in Szolnok landscaped surroundings in a picturesque neo-baroque building. The building was built in 1928, Fiddler on Armin's plans. The works of 55.6 ° C, alkali hydrogen carbonate and iodine thermal water was found, which is based on the composition of high-quality classified as medicinal water.... More...